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Reset Instructions

Most issues with the Bike Lift can be resolved with a simple reset.  This procedure is the same as the initial calibration of the stand.

1. Make sure that the Bike Lift and any bicycle it is holding are free to move and that there is nothing impeding their motion. If possible remove the bike from the stand.

2. Press and hold the down button until your Bike Lift reaches its lowest position. Release.

3. Press and hold the down button until the display reads RST (reset).

4. Press and hold the down button again, this time, until your Bike Lift lowers a bit, then raises a bit, and finally stops. Let go of the down button.

5. Your Bike Lift is ready to work. 

    You can watch a video of the reset procedure on our youtube page here.


    Error Codes

    On occasion your Bike Lift may display an error code. These codes, along with a recommended solution, are described below.

    E01- An E01 error code signifies that the overcurrent protection has been triggered. The Bike Lift is designed with internal safety features that protect it from being overloaded. These features are most commonly triggered by a loss of power, the stand lifting a bicycle that is too heavy or awkwardly loaded, or if the Bike Lift is used in too cold of an environment (below 40'F or 4'C). 

    Most E01 errors are solved by a reset, regardless of the cause.


    E08 - An E08 code signifies a potential issue with the motor. To resolve this issue unplug the Bike Lift from it's power source and then confirm that all internal cables are securely connected. If they are, reassemble the stand and plug the Bike Lift back in and perform a reset procedure.


    H01- An H01 error code signifies that your Bike Lift has overheated. Allow the stand to cool down before using it further. This is a safety feature for the longevity of your stand.


    If you need additional help with any Remco Tools product, contact us at info@remcotools.com.