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Bike Lifts

Elevate your work

The Bike Lift has the capacity to lift 100 lb., programmable settings, and a height adjustment range capable of taking a bike from the floor to a working standing height.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Addressing a literal pain point for mechanics who handle heavy bicycles and e-bikes. It's not only about the ease of use, but also about long-term health. The Bike Lift reduces physical strain while making it easier to focus on the details of ever more technical bikes.

One solid construction, twice the fun

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The core of our Bike Lift lies in its compact, height adjustable lifting column. That column can be bolted to the ground, retrofitted to an existing baseplate, or mounted to our Remco Tools Base Plate. Once that’s done, with the correct adapter, your existing clamp is capable of lifting 100 lb. (45.5kg) to a height of almost 5ft (1.50m).