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ūüöö Current lead time: 6 weeks

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Quick Reset Instructions

  1. Remove all items under the stand. The stand will travel to its lowest height.

  2. Press the down button once. 

  3. Hold the down button until the stand stops at its lowest position. If your stand doesn't start to move after pressing the down button, try again by pressing the down button for 10 seconds then pressing it again until the stand reaches its lowest height.

  4. Hold the down button again for 10 seconds or until the display changes. The display should show "Rst" when ready to reset.

  5. Hold the down button again until the stand lowers slightly, rises, and stops.

The reset is completed.


    If the stand didn't move, try step 5 again.
    If the problem persists, proceed with the following steps.
    1. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

    2. Hold the down button for 10 seconds to discharge any stored power in the control box.

    3. Plug the stand back in and perform steps 4 & 5 a second time.


    Error Codes

    E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E06 - Firmware / Connectivity Issue

    1. Check if all cables are connected to the control box, installed properly and inserted firmly.

    2. Check if the stand has power.

    3. Check nothing is obstructing the stands motion.

    If all of the above is checked and the issue persists, contact us at info@remcotools.com and we will trouble shoot with you further.


    E08 - Mechanical Issue

    Follow the reset instructions above.

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, contact us at info@remcotools.com and we will troubleshoot with your further. Pay attention to the error code changing after the reset.

    We may need to send you a new control box and possibly one or more legs.


    H01- Control Box Overheated

    Allow the stand to cool down before raising or lowering. This is a safety feature for the longevity of your stand.
    If you need additional help with any Remco Product, contact us at info@remcotools.com.